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We Need Your Input!

Welcome to the first installment of what we hope will be a series of new additions to the GCLS blog. Wait, the GCLS has a blog? You might ask. Or at least I did when I volunteered to be part of the revamp committee. I’m great at first impressions. The thing is, I don’t need more social media in my life. I’m already spending too much time on Twitter and too little time on my work in progress and the weekly shaming from my iPhone’s screen time app isn’t helping my distraction issues.

In the past the GCLS blog has been used primarily for announcements which is awesome if you want information, but not so great if you want a sense of community and that’s why we’re all here, so we can be ourselves but together and get to know one another better from a distance. No one peoples quite like introverted bookworms, am I right? We’re going to deliver more content on things you want to read that support the publishers, authors, books, events, and services of our community. We have ideas for author interviews, themed series, opinion pieces, and event recaps in bi-weekly posts, presented in a format that doesn’t require login information or a new platform to learn. Plus, you get to do more of what you do best: read!

To be effective, we need your help. What do you want to read about here? If you’re an author, what would be most helpful to your writing career? If you’re a reader, what do you most want to know about the books in our community? If you’re new, how can we best guide you to content you love, and if you’ve stuck with us through every iteration of the GCLS blog, how can we provide something fresh?

Respond in the comments or take part in the poll over at the Hub.

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