The GCLS is proud to have an accomplished and diverse group of volunteers steering the organization to meet and exceed its mission goals. 

Michele Reynolds.jpg

Michele Reynolds *

Board President
Director of Organization
Tagan Shepard.jpg

Tagan Shepard *

Director of Diversity & Inclusion (Administration)
Anne Etter.jpeg

Ann Etter *

Betsy Carswell.jpg

Betsy Carswell *

Director of Communication
Patrice James.jpg

Patrice James

Director of Diversity & Inclusion (Communications)
Christel Cogneau.jpg

Christel Cogneau

Director of Business Development
Position Open.png

Open Position

Director of Technology
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Michelle Dunkley.jpg

Michelle Dunkley

Hub Director
Tammy Bird.png

Tammy Bird

Director of Education
Bridget Nelson.jpg

Bridget Nelson

Director of Outreach
Position Open.png

Open Position

Director of Fundraising
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* indicates a member of the Executive Committee