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The Golden Crown Literary Awards are presented annually during the Annual Conference and recognize excellence in women-loving-women and sapphic literature.

The Goldies reward quality literature, cover design, and individuals in 19 categories, 2 popular choice categories, and 3 special categories. The Board of Directors constantly reviews proposals for new categories. The Goldies have been the annual event of the women-loving-women and sapphic literature calendar since 2005. 

If you have questions about the Goldie Awards, please fill out our form or email (Please do not use the contact function on this website for Awards related questions.)


Round 1 voting for the 2023 Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design is now open. 

Round 1 voting is open from February 1 through February 28, 2023.  


Nominations are now closed. 

Nominations are no longer being accepted for the 2023 Goldie Awards. 


While there will likely be some changes to the guidelines for the next awards season, please feel free to review the AWARDS GUIDELINES and the 2023 AWARDS CHANGES as you prepare for the 2024 Goldie Awards to ensure ELIGIBILITY. All nominations must be submitted via the appropriate online Nomination Forms. Review the NOMINATION DEADLINES to ensure that you submit your nominations within the appropriate timeline. 


Click to read more about changes to the 2023 Goldie Awards.


Click to read the Guidelines for the 2023 Goldie Awards.

call for

Click to read the 2023 Goldie Awards call for nominations.


Winners in all categories for 2022

Image by Grégoire Bertaud

Shortlisted nominations from 2022


All winners from 2005 through 2021


Since being a writer is mostly a very solitary job, winning a Goldie was a wonderful recognition of a job well done. Knowing judges and readers alike enjoy my work keeps me trying harder to write the best books I possibly can.


At a time when our culture is growing increasingly hostile to queer lives and queer stories, I think it’s vital to have organizations like the GCLS that not only promote queer women’s writing, but celebrate its excellence.

Rachel Spangler

I'm proud, grateful and deeply honored to have been recognized with several Goldie Awards over my career. I treasure them all because I treasure the amazing GCLS community that inspired my stories and nurtured me as I wrote.

KG MacGregor

When I got my Goldie I was a newly published author who struggled for years to find a publisher without success. A Goldie meant acceptance by my peers. It was a high only a Nobel prize winner can describe. Even the glow in my photograph could light up a city.

Victoria Avilan


Since 2014, Fine Awards has partnered with GCLS to provide our Goldie winners with beautiful, quality awards. Based out of South Florida, their team has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing gifts and awards for Fortune 500 companies, sports franchises and charities around the world. Visit Fine Awards

GCLS has partnered with OpenWater since 2014. OpenWater is a robust, all-in-one online awards management platform that allows us to streamline and automate the submission and judging processes for the Goldie Awards. Visit OpenWater

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