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Profile for Tammy Bird, WA2 Manager


I come to you with over twenty years of experience in education. Many of those years have been spent learning about and applying the information to virtual spaces. I was one of a handful of educators who participated in a pilot program using Blackboard way back in the day when platforms were unheard of as a way to distribute learning, and I taught virtually from the time you could turn on your computer, connect to AOL, go make a sandwich and a glass of tea, and return just as the screen came to life. Yep. I'm that old.

From those early days until now, my core values have not wavered. I am committed to bringing phenomenal learning opportunities to as many people as I can. Your journey as a student of novel writing is my focus. When I look for faculty, a platform, content, and anything else we need to gather and learn, it is with you in mind. I am honored to have you consider our program and look forward to our time together.

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