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Introducing the GCLS D&I PLUS Fund

The GCLS is proud to launch a new fund dedicated to our diversity and inclusion programs. The GCLS D&I PLUS Fund provides dedicated funds to advance inclusion for marginalized communities within GCLS and within the wide world of sapphic literature.

This fund will allow our supporters to provide direct financial support for GCLS’s D&I work, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing funds for complete or partial annual conference tickets and transportation

  • Funding complete or partial scholarships for the GCLS Writing Academy

  • Providing free pronoun pins for attendees at in-person events

It will also sustain greater inclusion within the sapphic literature world by:

  • Funding targeted outreach to events and organizations

  • Providing mentoring and sponsorship services

  • Supporting other initiatives as directed by the D&I Committee

The GCLS D&I PLUS Fund will assist groups that have been underrepresented within GCLS and sapphic literature across the spectra and intersections of:

  • Gender identity and expression

  • Race

  • Culture

  • Ethnicity

  • Sexual orientation

  • Disability

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1 Comment

I love this! Thank you for all that you're doing for the diverse GCLS community as a whole.

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