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Conflicted: The Art of Crafting Tension, Challenges, and Uncertainty

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This week, author Sheree L. Greer joins the Writing Academy to discuss the craft of adding conflict to your story.

Conflict is arguably the most important dramatic device used to drive narratives. Conflict keeps a reader guessing whether a challenge will be met, a goal will be achieved, or a character will be able to solve their problems. Understanding the basic forms of conflict (person versus person, person versus self, person versus society, person versus nature, person versus the supernatural, person versus technology) is one piece of the puzzle.

Come see what the Writing Academy and its incredibly talented instructors can do to help you take your craft to all new places with classes like these and more!


Sheree L. Greer is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native and a writer and educator currently living and working in Tampa, Florida. She founded Kitchen Table Literary Arts Center to showcase and support the work of black women and women of color writers.

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