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The GCLS aims to recognize books/titles that convey meaningful lesbian experiences with influential historical value to the lesbian/sapphic/women-loving-women community, recognizing that individual perceptions of classics will differ. The Classics Award differs from the Trailblazer Award in that the Classic Award is for a specific book/title that is timeless (e.g., Lee Lynch for The Swashbuckler).

Criteria are:

  1. Publication date pre-dates the GCLS Literary Awards (i.e., Pre-2004);

  2. The book/title is currently available and has been consistently available over the years;

  3. The book reflects the lesbian/sapphic/women-loving-women community experience, lives, and/or history in a meaningful way;

  4. The book can be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry;

  5. The book must be representative of the time period in which it was written and yet still resonate with present-day readers;

  6. The book can now be considered a "classic" in the lesbian/sapphic/women-loving-women community community.

All nominations will be compiled, and the past GCLS Trailblazers will vote to determine the
winning title.

The winning title will be announced on February 3rd (Gertrude Stein's birthday) by posting the winner on the GCLS website. (This will afford the author(s) enough time to plan on attending the conference, should they wish to receive their award at the Awards Ceremony.)


Nominations due by December 31, 2023.

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