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Finnian Burnett, WA manager

I have a BA in English, an MA in Creative Writing, and am starting my capstone year as a doctor of English Education. I have published several novels, many flash fiction pieces, and have an academic book chapter coming out in 2023. My novella-in-flash, The Clothes Make the Man, will be published through AdHoc fiction in the fall of 2022.


I started with the GCLS Writing Academy in early 2015 and spent several years building it into a world-class writing program for writers of sapphic, women-loving-women, and non-binary narratives. Through the years, more than 100 students have graduated from the program. Many have gone on to publish books and several have won Goldie awards. 

Others have started podcasts, edited anthologies, or done other creative projects. My goal with this academy is, and has always been, to make it open and inclusive, to ensure it feels like a space space for everyone. 

If you'd like to learn more about me, please check out my website at 

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