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GCLS is committed to providing first-rate educational opportunities in wlw and trans/non-binary literature. From our scholarships to our payment plans to the annual conference, the GCLS has something for everyone, accessible to everyone. Learning, growing, and sharing in our diverse community is the foundation of this organization. The Education Department offers master classes, mentoring, and a nine-month Writing Academy.

Adult Education Course

GCLS Writing Academy: A Novel Idea

Whether you're just beginning your writing journey or have published your first novel and are struggling with what to do next, GCLS has a novel-writing program for you!

Writing Academy 1: Skill Building

Our Writing Academy 1 program focuses on skill development. Classes are designed to guide participants through basic topics such as point of view, crafting natural dialogue, and writing believable characters, but also cover more advanced topics such as pitching your novel, revising your manuscript, and more. 

Writing Academy 2: Beyond the Basics

Our Writing Academy 2 program assumes you have spent time learning the basics, either through Writing Academy 1 or through outside sources, and are now ready to tackle in-depth explorations of key craft elements and practical skills applications, as well as writing query letters, preparing a synopsis, prepping submission materials, and evaluating publishing options. For graduates of the Writing Academy 1.

Program Timeline and Information

Each program is comprised of approximately 15 students and uses a mix of full-time faculty and honorary guest instructors, all of whom are successfully published authors, to ensure students are getting the most up-to-date and relevant information in all classes.


Programs run from September until June and culminate in extremely valuable one-on-one mentoring with established authors.

Our FAQ Page

Check out the responses to our most asked questions. If you still have questions, you can email us from there.

Meet our Instructors

We currently have four full-time instructors and a multitude of part-time faculty who join us to offer their expertise.

Become a Mentor

Each of our academies provides one-on-one mentoring with a published author. We would love to discuss how you can help!

Become an Instructor

The Writing Academy is only as good as those who are willing to give their time to help our students. 

Ready to begin your journey of honing the skills necessary to write excellent women-loving-women literature and trans/nonbinary/genderfluid narratives? Click below to apply to the writing academy of your choice. 

Need time to decide? Join our mailing list. We are happy to have you!


Watch our mini-documentary to hear about past students and their experiences

The Golden Crown Literary Society believes in providing learning opportunities, encouragement and assistance to new and established writers in developing their craft. We provide scholarships to assist those who need financial assistance to access our Writing Academies. 


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