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Where in the world...? Pick your choice for 2025!

The GCLS Annual Conference has been held in cities across the United States of America, such as Pittsburgh, Dallas, Washington DC, Orlando, New Orleans, and more since 2005.

In February 2022, the GCLS Board of Directors decided on an exciting new approach to conferences, including moving our conference date, allowing our supporters to choose locations through a public vote, and introducing our very first conference outside of the US.

In 2025, our Annual Conference will move from our typical July dates to mid-late May. We hope that these new dates will reduce travel costs for our attendees while also ensuring that the weather in some of our southern states will be more accommodating.

Moving our US conference to mid-to-late May opens up the possibility of adding conferences outside of the US in the fall, with the UK being chosen as our first location because of the large and increasing number of women-loving-women and sapphic authors and readers who live there.

And now, we're asking you to pick our 2025 conference cities.

To narrow the field, the GCLS Board of Directors has chosen three cities in the US and three cities in the UK that fit our criteria of being easily accessible, LGBTQ+ friendly*, and vibrant with tourism to enable our attendees to explore interesting new locations.

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