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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The GCLS Writing Academy is always growing, always changing. We’re constantly adding new classes, hiring new instructors, and reading up on current pedagogies to give our students a quality experience in creative writing education.

One way we work to improve our program is by offering a variety of scholarships, both full and partial, to make the course accessible to everyone.

We’ll be showcasing all the scholarships we offer over the next couple months. Today, we’re focused on the Bridge Builder scholarship.

This scholarship is funded by a private donor and offers full tuition to a writer of color interested in writing women-loving-women or sapphically-aligned non-binary fiction.

The scholarship deadline is April 1, 2022, for the semester beginning in September of 2022. A selection committee will go over each application and writing sample and notify the recipient by the first week in June.

If you know someone who might qualify for this scholarship and who is interested in either writing their first novel or honing their writing skills, please let them know!

For more information, please check us out here.

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